What is IFRS

My question is what  is ifrs is about? why we need it? what is the link of IFRS with IAS and financial statements   See link to wikipedia regards, Henk   Thanks for the nice message.please can you visit iasb website so you can get more and more.otherwise contact me.

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Interest income recognition usingeffective rate

If an institution is recognizing income by using flat rate method, but IFRS requires to recognize by using effective rate method. My questions are: a) policy remains but financial statements it should be based on effective rate. Is it? b) How to convert portfolio by using effective rate.?     asim I don't think so, [...]

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Hi everyone I want to know the difference between IFRS and IAS.  As, there are IAS 1 to 41 standards already existing then why IFRS 1 to 8 was developed. Secondly, are these two standards working parallel to each other or IAS is abondoned and now IFRS is working? If someone could please guide me.Well [...]

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IFRS documentation/IAS/US GAAP

Henk willl provide the answer   Henk can you re-explain the whole story again i.e.   1. You mention we still have to use IAS until IFRS is more official, please restate the IAS link 2. Please re-state the IFRS link (is the one you sent for instance re FRS 38 in the other E-Mail) [...]

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Greetings:   I am noice to IFRS and IAS and would like to understand the following basic things.   1..What is difference between IAS and IFRS   2..During preparation of financial statments, is it mandatory to apply both IAS and IFRS ?     Your guidence will be highly beneficial me   thanks AK See [...]

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Dear Sir/ Madaam,   Can I ask a complete list or copy of IFRS and IAS? Please send this to my email address.   Thank you very much. Dear Nilo, Here's a link with your request, Regards, YOU CAN GET ALL THE DETAILS FROM Dear Sir, Is it Financial Reporting Standard the same [...]

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