Calculation of deferred tax

Can any one help me for calculation of deferred tax under deductable timing diference Example: writeen down value of fixed assets as pert accounts-200          writeen down value as per tax                      150 please privide the soluision by giving effects in the profit [...]

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Good day, I would like to know how a company would record shares in its books if these were received as a gift. For example: Shares held by Mr. Brown in Company A were transferred to Company B as a gift. How would these shares be recorded in the books of Company B under IFRS? [...]

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Microsoft licence ….

Dear All , can anyone help me with an urgent answer on the below question : - If we purchase software licences for office programs like ( Microsoft , power point etc ). and we renew the same every year do we need to capitalize this cost or expense it ( Please note that i'm [...]

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Loan Impairment

Is there any guideline for measurement of loan impairment and recognition of interest income by using effective rate method Asim well Esther the UK leads the path i.e. the UK tax authorities are the only ones in Europe which accept IFRS reporting to the extent that its website does have a section allocated to [...]

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What measures are being taken by UK's ASB to bring UK GAAP into line with international standards? What are the advantages of a closer international harmonization of accounting olicies for multi national companies and investors? well Esther the UK leads the path i.e. the UK tax authorities are the only ones in Europe which accept [...]

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Deferred Tax calculation

Please any body can give the suggession to calculate the deferred tax under following situationThe company earned profit after tax in 2006 100 m , 2007 112 m & 2008 85m and tax rate was 30%, 35% and 30% respectively. at the end of 2008 the company given the jurnal of prior years adjustment of tk 10 m relation to 2006 of 5m 2007 of m . the company does not calculate the deferred tax in any of the previous year.   under above circumstances how deferred tax will be calculated Thanks […]

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Preparation of financial from IGAAP To IFRS

Dear All  i am working in a home finance company which is subsidary of german company, due to which we are require to prepare the financial from IGAAP to IFRS. i have the following questions:- 1.we take a loan and in taking loan that we usually pay a processing fee. 2. we pay security deposit [...]

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Deferred Taxes

Hello All   I am working on PPA Valuations for IFRS 3. I have following two queries:   I want to understand the treatment of Deferred Taxes i.e. how are they calculated and accounted for, and whether deferred tax liability needs to be reduced from Purchase Price while calculating Goodwill. How is tax amortization benefit [...]

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Hi all! Can you tell me the journal entry of this prblem... Goods sold Rs.10000 Discount on cash payment 5%  Add tax 4% Plz journalize it! Sales                    10.000 Credit Sales discounts          500 Debit Tax payable               380  Credit Cash                      9.880 Debit Is this IFRS related? Or is this an accounting course exercise? Cagri Gurses wrote: Agree [...]

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Does any one give me the details of IAS-12 with specific examplethanks, Zakaria  See this link, this is the IFRS as adopted by Singapore authorities, the text is the same as for IFRS, only the numbering has been modified (IFRS 1 is FRS 101, IAS 12 is FRS 12),   Kind regards, Henk [...]

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Please tell me the number and subjects of international accounting and audit standards boards thanks a lot fakhkhari Hi,It is IAS19, pension liability for defined benefit plans. Met vriendlijke groet / best regards, Pieter   Hi, Could some one mail me  IAS18 ,IAS 11 and IAS 19.   Thanks Sanjana   Use this link     [...]

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Taxation of Shares

Hi all,   whether intraday sale of shares is taxable as speculation business income or Business income for the financial year 2006-2007?   regards, sudhakaran Hi Sudha, In Indian context it is short term capital gain and it will come under the head capital gains. Debashish Hi Sudha,   your question for Its Speculation Business as you [...]

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AICPA Audit and Accounting Guide Health Care Organizations

Good morning, Could anybody please guide me where I can find the full text of "AICPA Audit and Accounting Guide Health Care Organizations"?? Thanks in advance. Cheers, Abed Are you looking for a particular chapter in the guide? The reason I ask is because those guides are usually 12-15 chapters long and usually need to [...]

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Please guide on this

Hi all! I am a young chartered accountant from India presently working in a reputed engineering company at Baroda, India. In the long run I plan to start a consulting firm focused on IFRS implementation and compliance. In the medium term I plan to get an international exposure particularly in South East Asian countries like Singapore, [...]

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Sono una studentessa di Economia e Legislazione d'impresa, Università degli Studi di Verona. Sto preparando una tesi sulla proposta dello IASB di creare degli IFRS per le PMI. Volevo alcune notizie riguardo l'argomento. Grazie Barbara Hello, I have been looking for guidance pertaining to the Information Technology aspect of IFRS.  From your email, I think [...]

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Please guide on this

Dear All, Our company has constructed a building which is to be our Head office. As part of improvements made on the buildings land, management decided to put up a garden with orchards and both Traditional and exotic trees. The garden is to beatify the environment as part of the environmental degradation measures and also [...]

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IFRS Implementation Support

Good Day, I am a semi-retired accounting professional with 14 years of consulting experience in IT and securities settlement systems and 15 years of industry experience principally in the financial services sector (banking, trust and investment dealers).  In order to continue to be productive, at least on a part-time basis, I am interested in acquiring [...]

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IAS 12 disclosures

Do I email you to suggest a new topic? I saw that the disclosures for IAS 7 were a recent topic of interest.  I thought readers might be interested in reading about disclosures required for IAS 12. IAS 12 (Income Taxes) requires a minimum of five disclosures, and potentially more than fifteen, depending on the [...]

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Fwd: [IFRS List] standards for sme’s:not for profit organizations

Forwarded conversationSubject: [IFRS List] standards for sme's:not for profit organizations ------------------------From: ann silvers <>Date: Wed, Nov 28, 2007 at 11:40 AM To: ifrs@ifrslist.comOn 11/27/07, ann silvers <> wrote: November 27, 2007   Dear Elena,   I understand that accounting standards for smes are still in the drawing boards after asking for comments and suggestions from [...]

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Standards for sme’s:not for profit organizations

Dear Elena, I understand that accounting standards for smes are still in the drawing boards after asking for comments and suggestions from different sectors. I am a practising accountant in the Philippines.  My concern is on the issue of not-for-profit organization, which in the Philippine context are also known as non-government organizations (NGO's). These NGO's are generally [...]

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