IAS 38

A company have a computer software (internally generated) which results in buying the programmes to users The main customer of this programmes has bankrupt so the software will not be sold ,Is Impairment should be ? and also  a few programmes may be sold So what's the right Treatment For this according to IFRS?

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Software Capitalization / Expensed out

Dear IFRS Experts, Could you please give your opinion on the following: 1. Computer softare is to be considered as Intangible Assets or PPE 2. Which type of computer software can be capitalized / expensed out Whether following type can be capitalized or expensed out Photoshop Illustrator Adobe Writer AutoCAD AutoCAD 3D Max AutoCAd lite [...]

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System upgrade

Dear colleagues, We have recently spend money on upgrading one of our main systems that we use at work and the cost of this upgrade (including licences) is £42k Could this be capitalised? Many thanks, Sheetal Financial Controller

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