Refund of earned income

How to treat the income which was earned and accounted in 2007, which is being partly refunded in 2009. The organisation had legal rights to the income and there was no error in accounting, so it is not a prior period item and there is no changes in the accounting policy.  The income is just [...]

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Unallocated revenue expenses

Dear expert After my joining i obseved that substetial amount remin unadjusted as unallocated revenue expenditure. how could i adjust the unallocated expenses with my accounts . if there is any relation with IAS 38 intangible assets. please give the suggetion with example and related IFRS Thanks

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Unallocated revenues expenses

The company incured pre operational revenue expenses and after operation the company is runnig with profit and preoprational revenue expenses remain same without any adjustment. what will be the procedure to adjust the unallocated revenue expenses please give the reference of ifrs and accounting treatment and also give me information whether total amount of unallocated [...]

By |February 17th, 2009|IAS 18|1 Comment