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[3 May 2013 | One Comment | 662 views]
IFRS LIST.com 2013-05-03 20:08:51

Hello everyone!
Can somebody help me?  Which public companies provide their reports both in accordance with IFRS and GAAP ?
Thank you beforehand for help!


[15 Dec 2008 | No Comment | 3,422 views]

Dear IFRS team,
We provide for early retirement or termination charges. Would it be
right in making the provision for the whole liability
(which could be for 5-10 years) that we know about in the year which
we make that commitment, or should this cost just hit the P&L as and
when it occurs?
Many thanks for your help,

Hi Sheetal
Termination benefits are recognized only when the employer has
demonstrated its commitment to provide the benefits with a formal
detail plan for the dismissal of group of employees, when the employer
has contractually agreed to pay a termination benefit to …


[15 Dec 2008 | No Comment | 2,481 views]

Dear Collegues,Really appriciate if anybody could share me the Hotel Internal Audit
Procedure and plan, stretegy (Hospitality). or any website link, PDF,
presentation file.Thanks in advance

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[15 Dec 2008 | No Comment | 3,466 views]

dear sir or mam
When one company adopt the IFRSs 1 first time then what are the irems exempted from national GAAP in the case of convergance to IFRSs.
Sincerely yours,

dear rakesh

pls read ifrs 1 and see the exemption given for the same
there are 10 exemptions


We have a projector & purchased 6 years back @ 17000/- we have depreciated 8000/- as of now and the NBV is 9000/-. Now the market value is 5000/-. Do we need any accouning treatment as per IFRS.

Dear Upul,
IAS 16, Property, Plant and Equipment (PPE), allows a choice …


[15 Dec 2008 | No Comment | 4,818 views]

The Company has taken a loan for construction of projects. A part of
amount is kept in FD with the Bank. Interest is capitalized on the
amount paid as per payment certificates like draw down. If the project
is capitalized and 2 payment certificates received after the
capitalization date. Now question is whether interest will be
capitalized on amount paid after capitalization date or expensed out.

I think after the project is completed, the interest expenses, is charged to

Query is not clear:

1. If the loan was taken for construction, interest component to the date of capitalization …


[15 Dec 2008 | No Comment | 3,460 views]


My first time posting. This is probably the wrong place to ask. Does anybody know how to fill in the ACCA TDM (Training Development Matrix) ? I have been struggling with it. I tried to find the user guideline on MYACCA site but could not find any that is useful. There is performance objective to achieved and optional. Can anybody help me?
Thanks a million.
Kind regards,

What sort of information are you after?
You fill in each area (which is split into 3 questions) of the TDM
Then I believe this is sent to …


[15 Dec 2008 | No Comment | 10,694 views]

Dear all,
As I know , as per IFRS there is no prior year adjustment anymore ,
and back dated entries are not allowed once the year closed and
figures reported , Hence the actual variance will be booked in the
next year PL ,
example : if company A , estimated an income in 2007 and took a
provision for this income for 1M $ in 2007
The actual income received in 2008 for 2M$ , the
accounting entry will be reversing the 1M$ provision and Book the 1M$
variance in 2008 PL
My question is , As per …


[15 Dec 2008 | 3 Comments | 33,353 views]

Any one please clarify me this….

Hi Team,
Will any one clarify the difference between Exceptional Items &
Extraordinary Items?
With reference to IFRS what is the disclosure policy for the both.
Thanks & Regards,

Hi Hari,
to my understanding according to IAS 1 there was for several years the
possibility to show extraordinary items in the P+L (IAS 1.85). Since
2004 this seems to be no longer allowed according to Dr. David
Grünberger who is member in the Accounting Regulatory Committee in
Brussels which decides upon the endorsement of new IAS/IFRS standards
within the EU. According to US-GAAP extraordinary items are …


[15 Dec 2008 | No Comment | 5,685 views]

Do anyone know where I can download copy of US GAAP and US GAAP APB?

Thanks Dessanti for your answer
Our position is less than 1%, we bought in the active market Euro a
little position to speculate in market price.
The IAS 39 don’t include equity investment as applicable financial
asset to recognized the gain or loss in foreign exchange in the
current period income statement, as its explain as follows:
Available-for-sale financial assets (AFS)…. … Fair value changes on
AFS assets are recognised directly in equity, through the statement of
changes in equity, except for interest on …


[15 Dec 2008 | No Comment | 5,643 views]

Dear All,
The Company was incorporated in Oct 2007.Could you please give your
expert opinion on the treatment of preliminary expenses (Revenue
generation is not yet started) e.g. rent, salary, traveling etc.
incurred during Oct 2007- Aug 2008. Please reply in reference to IFRS.
Revenue is expected in Sept 2008.
In my view, preliminary expenses can be accumulated and amortized when
revenue is started due to matching concept.

Preliminary expenses / startup costs, etc. cannot be deferred. They
have to be charged off to income statement in the year of actual
startup of operations.

Thanks & Regards

Whether to Deffer the preliminary …


[15 Dec 2008 | No Comment | 3,409 views]

Dear Friend,
Please inform which website can give me detailed IFRS and IAS access
free of cost. Deloittee IAS PLUS gives summary.

Hi Hemant
For a summary of the scope of each Standard you may want to rely on
the official site of the International Accounting Standard Board
(www.iasb.org). Detailed information on each standard are instead
subject to a subscription which however provides you also with regular

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IAS 38 »

[15 Dec 2008 | No Comment | 5,217 views]

Dear All ,
can anyone help me with an urgent answer on the below question :
- If we purchase software licences for office programs like (
Microsoft , power point etc ). and we renew the same every year
do we need to capitalize this cost or expense it ( Please note that
i’m not talking about operation or accounting software’s ) I’m talking
about licences like Microsoft ( office software’s).

Hi Tony,
General software costs should be expensed as they do not meet IAS 38
recognition criteria.

The cost of software license is an expense recognized in the …

IAS 16, IAS 38, IFRS, TAX »

[14 Dec 2008 | No Comment | 1,085 views]
Date of comercial production

Dear all,
can anyone please guide me if there are any guidelines as to establish
date of commercial production in a manufacturing concern in IFRS.
thanks and regards

Hi Deepak,
I assume you are inferring to either intangible assets.
There is n…


[14 Dec 2008 | No Comment | 856 views]

Dear All
Can any body tell me that is budget only for expenses or can be for Asset, liabilities and income also. My openion is it can be for all (Asset, liability, Expense and income). Please help me according to the IAS/IFRS.

Best regard…


[14 Dec 2008 | No Comment | 3,132 views]
Not-for-profit organizations

In Canada, public companies and financial institutions (generally)
will be adopting IFRS in 2011. Private companies will have the choice
between IFRS and or local Canadian standards specifically for them. It
has not been announce yet what will happen w…


[14 Dec 2008 | No Comment | 3,730 views]
Impairment Goodwill

Por favor podría alguien indicarme en donde puedo encontrar
información sobre metodologías para la medición del deterioro del
Goodwill. Sería Adecuado usar multiplos como base para su medición.
Please could someone tell me where can I find inform…


[14 Dec 2008 | No Comment | 6,304 views]

Is there any guideline for measurement of loan impairment and recognition of interest income by using effective rate method


well Esther the UK leads the path i.e. the UK tax authorities are the only ones in Europe which accept IFRS reporting to the extent that its website http://www.hmrc.gov.uk/ does have a section allocated to differences between IFRS and UK GAAP
I wish in Germany they had the same thing!!!!!


Below is the list of applicable paragraphs from IAS 39 for measurement of loan impairment:

                 Financial assets carried at amortized cost

If there is objective evidence …

IAS 2 »

[14 Dec 2008 | One Comment | 8,341 views]


If a company asks a third party to construct a fixed asset and at the end of the year, the fixed asset is not complete, but you have a statement of the costs incurred, would you capitalize the costs incurred under Construction in Progress with counterpart in accruals. Or would you record an entry only when it has been delivered to the company?
What IFRS would be applicable?


IFRS 16 would be applicable “Plant , Property and Equipemnt”
Recognisation -
Items of property, plant, and equipment should be recognised as assets when it is probable …


[14 Dec 2008 | No Comment | 4,039 views]

Dear All ,
I need to attend IFRS classes , Do you know if there is any classes available in Dubai ( Not training sessions ) what i need is  any institute or University or anything else , have IFRS / IAS classes with certificate ( i repeat Not training conferences , by the way they are soooooo expensive i need something acceptable) not 4000 euro per day ( as they do in training programs )}
Thanks for your help


You can certification in IFRS through accaglobal.com

You can also look at the …


[14 Dec 2008 | No Comment | 2,845 views]

Hi ,I m doing a project on objective of financial reporting ,but one of te question is heating on me and i will really appritiate if some of u can give me ur suggestion.
well ,the question is whether the stewarship and financial report should have seperae objectives or not ? Cause some of te articles has argues that the financial report is not giving useful decision making information to all users ,and creditors and inverstors are the one left off . as Andrew Lennard argued ,so i wanna know whether it should …