Valuation Method

Dear all. I have a question on valuation of equity investments. What is the best method to value an unquoted investment Cheers Shehzad   Well for unquoted investment you could: If there is substantial market and volume of such equity in the market then, you could value it using market price. If there is not [...]

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My client A acquired 66% of B from C, included in the contract was the clause that C can exchange the remaining shares in B with shares in A. Is it an embedded derivative? Do I only disclose this in accounts or should I calculate its fair value/Intrinsic as part of my acquisition calculations. If I have to calculate the fair value do I use the normal Black Scholes etc? Thanks Aneel […]

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Question about IFRS transition

Dear All, As someone could let me know when all European entities should comply with the IFRS reporting format. Up to now we comply with the LuxGaap or USGaap but I heard that we should report next January 2008 in IFRS. Have you the article who mentioned this transition ? Thanks and kind regards Dominique [...]

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