Dear All   Can any body tell me that is budget only for expenses or can be for Asset, liabilities and income also. My openion is it can be for all (Asset, liability, Expense and income). Please help me according to the IAS/IFRS. – Best regard...

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Capitalization of WIP

Hello,   If a company asks a third party to construct a fixed asset and at the end of the year, the fixed asset is not complete, but you have a statement of the costs incurred, would you capitalize the costs incurred under Construction in Progress with counterpart in accruals. Or would you record an entry [...]

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Internal Rate of Return (IRR)

For Example: A ) In Jan-2008 We have Invested 100,000,000 $ for that 50% (50,000,000) we took a loan from financial institution and 50% (50,000,000) we invest from our capital. B) Rate of interest for borrowing (50,000,000) is 8% flat yearly. C) We need to pay extra (cost) of $ 1,000,000 for incurring cost monthly. C) We sold out this investment in 120,000,000. in June-2008. Can anybody guide me to calculate IRR (Internal Rate of Interest). Also convey with if you have any easy example/function/theory. Best Regards, Zakariyya […]

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