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News about IAS/IFRS from EU – Link to IFRS file (in pdf)

Dear allPlease find attached a news from European Commission about IFRS. In addition you'll find a link to a pdf file related to consolidated text of IFRS.Have a good joining. Regards Simone SalviAccounting standards: Commission adopts consolidated text of IFRS applicable in the EUThe European Commission has adopted on Monday 3 November the consolidated text [...]

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Dear Friend, Please inform which website can give me detailed IFRS and IAS access free of cost. Deloittee IAS PLUS gives summary. Thanks Hemant Hi Hemant For a summary of the scope of each Standard you may want to rely on the official site of the International Accounting Standard Board ( Detailed information on each [...]

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What are the diferences between the two accounting policies? IAS was in use before the introduction of IFRS. With effect from the introduction of IFRS, only IAS before the introduction of IFRS is stil in use. Any other international standard that will be issued will now be IFRS but not IAS.   Femi In my view except [...]

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Just one question

Please let me know about cost of create new web sit will it be general expenses or intangible assets  So, which treatment prefered to be confirmed to international accounting standard   thank you   Mahmoud Gbr Auditor General expense: if there is no link to future cash inflow through this   Intangible asset: if satisfy the conditions [...]

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Hi everyone I want to know the difference between IFRS and IAS.  As, there are IAS 1 to 41 standards already existing then why IFRS 1 to 8 was developed. Secondly, are these two standards working parallel to each other or IAS is abondoned and now IFRS is working? If someone could please guide me.Well [...]

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Please tell me the number and subjects of international accounting and audit standards boards thanks a lot fakhkhari Hi,It is IAS19, pension liability for defined benefit plans. Met vriendlijke groet / best regards, Pieter   Hi, Could some one mail me  IAS18 ,IAS 11 and IAS 19.   Thanks Sanjana   Use this link     [...]

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IFRS Implementation Support

Good Day, I am a semi-retired accounting professional with 14 years of consulting experience in IT and securities settlement systems and 15 years of industry experience principally in the financial services sector (banking, trust and investment dealers).  In order to continue to be productive, at least on a part-time basis, I am interested in acquiring [...]

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Dear Sir/ Madaam,   Can I ask a complete list or copy of IFRS and IAS? Please send this to my email address.   Thank you very much. Dear Nilo, Here's a link with your request, Regards, YOU CAN GET ALL THE DETAILS FROM Dear Sir, Is it Financial Reporting Standard the same [...]

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Dear Ermal   I think you can find all the standard relevant to your study in following web. Hope can help you   Thanks and regards,   evon   hello i am  a student from albania ,and i am studing accounting in tne economic faculty,in tirana university. as part of our subjects we are doing [...]

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