Transfer of Cash from cash book

Dear Expert, Kindly give me your views on how one can deal with the following internal audit situation: During the review of the company bank reconciliation an internal auditor discovers that the reconciliations are not up to date for more than a year which of course increases the risk of fraud. So the auditor decides [...]

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Audit Informationa Hotel (Hospitality) Project

Dear Collegues,Really appriciate if anybody could share me the Hotel Internal Audit Procedure and plan, stretegy (Hospitality). or any website link, PDF, presentation file.Thanks in advance

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Internal audit procedures

Hello   does anyone have sample internal audit questionary? SOX survey ? procedures etc.???   thanks     Dear Could you specify the concerning areas u need sample questionnaires!

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What is this ACCA?

I'm a CPA from the US. Is the ACCA something I should join? I'm a member of the IMA and the AICPA in the US. Is ACCA some kind of upstart or does anyone find it to add value to their careers and is it recognized by global employers? Thanks for the opinions, mostly just [...]

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Capitalization of WIP

Hello,   If a company asks a third party to construct a fixed asset and at the end of the year, the fixed asset is not complete, but you have a statement of the costs incurred, would you capitalize the costs incurred under Construction in Progress with counterpart in accruals. Or would you record an entry [...]

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Internal audit report

Hey all , need some help in writing an internal audit report , i'm an internal auditor , i'm a very good in auditing and finalizing the working papers or create work papers and good in the business that i audit .but i face lot of difficulties in wording an internal audit report , i [...]

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Audit program

I do need audit program on laboratory process/ lab testing process. Any body can help me by providing it.   Audit program totaly depends on nature of operation. you may take help from bangaldes auditing stanard for bsic sence of audit program. if you need help  may contract with me zakaria   Sorry have no [...]

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CIA exam

Good day. Have anybody intend to take this exam. Could advise me how I should register and where can I get the exam. In Jordan Regard […]

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Cost allocation basis of internal audit fee between 2 entities

Dear All,  I require your help in the basis of cost allocation can be done for an internal audit fee between two entities. BestRegards, […]

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Internal audit software

Dear All , Can anyone provide an internal audit software name what’s the best software that i can buy for small internal audit dept Regards […]

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Internal Auditor and Intenal Control

Dear Friends   I am at learning process and would like to understand the following   1..Duties and resposibilities of Internal auditor   2..What is an internal control, and any website for getting material on internal control   Your guidence and inputs will improve my knowledge   thanks AK   Dear Aslam,   I think [...]

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Internal Auditing

Dear all, Could someone help me with guidelines on setting up an internal audit department which none existed before.   Or refer me to the necessary IAS Many Thanks     Kindly visit You could download the IIA standards/frameworks and other materials/guidance or professional help you will need.     Dear James, I would be [...]

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Assistance for Auditing

Hi, How best can I carry out internal auditing in a non-profit making organization? I am  just newly employed after completion of my study and earning a Bachelor degree in Business Administration and Management What is your level? Are you a fieldwork auditor or are you in charge of a function?   Visit I [...]

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IAS-27 query

Hi All This is Muhammad Naveed I have a query regarding the consolidation of subsidiaries. Does IAS-27 allow us to not consolidate subsidiaries which are immaterial for the group? Is it specifically mentioned somewhere in IAS?   Regards Muhammad Well Naveed Actually materiality is an underlying concept of the Financial Statements.So anything which is immaterial needs not [...]

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Airlines industry

Hello, Have anybody know about KPI for Airlines industry. Regard . Amir     Amir,   Here's a link that could be usuful for you.

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Please guide on this

Hi all! I am a young chartered accountant from India presently working in a reputed engineering company at Baroda, India. In the long run I plan to start a consulting firm focused on IFRS implementation and compliance. In the medium term I plan to get an international exposure particularly in South East Asian countries like Singapore, [...]

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Job Interview

I need some help, I just moved to London, and I am looking for a job but I found out that the interviews are very tough. I am from Mexico, I have worked for Citigroup in Madrid over the last three years. Sometimes I don't know how to answer the question....How would I describe my [...]

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