Question on Licenses and Franchises

Dear All, It is to request you all for reply of my question stated below: "Company A" grants license to "Company B" to sell its products in exchange of license fee to be paid to "Company A". All transactions of "Company B" will be reported to "Company A", i.e. "Company B" will be perform operations [...]

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License revenue

Dear All,   The company has main stream of revenue from rental property. The annual rent is amortized monthly equally over 12 months period.  Besides rental, company issues license for one year. I want to know whether license revenue should be amortized monthly over 12 months or in a month in which it is paid. […]

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Hi! I want to know how to get related license about IFRS

Hi, I want to know more about IFRS, even though our country doesn't apply it, but I am sure IFRS will be the leader for accounting world. At first, I am thinking of getting US CPA license, but I do not think it will be useful after several years. please let me know if i [...]

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