Hi Can someone tell me IFRS training centre at CHENNAI. Thanks ANANTH Please find attached for your nominations / attendance. Best regards, Sridhar

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IFRS India

Hi, I am a Chartered Accountant in India and am interested in learning IFRS. Can somebody tell me whether there is any institution through whom I can do some formal course like diploma on IFRS. Else how does one upgrade himself to know more about IFRS. This being one of the big oppurtunity to grab in [...]

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Dear Vatsla can you answer my following question in details. 1. we take a loan  and pay processing fee for taking loan. for eg. if we take a loan of rs 10 lacs , we generally pay processing fee of rs.50000. if you see the net amount in hand is rs 9.5 lacs As per [...]

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Internal Auditor and Intenal Control

Dear Friends   I am at learning process and would like to understand the following   1..Duties and resposibilities of Internal auditor   2..What is an internal control, and any website for getting material on internal control   Your guidence and inputs will improve my knowledge   thanks AK   Dear Aslam,   I think [...]

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Hi all, I wanted complete set of IFRS Literature.If anyone of you have a  softcopy of it,then please forward it to me.Or else,if you have any idea about any site which provides the same,even that will help me. Thanks Rekha   You can check this website;   www.iasplus.com     Generally it is paid publication   [...]

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Please guide on this

Hi all! I am a young chartered accountant from India presently working in a reputed engineering company at Baroda, India. In the long run I plan to start a consulting firm focused on IFRS implementation and compliance. In the medium term I plan to get an international exposure particularly in South East Asian countries like Singapore, [...]

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Implementation of IFRS in India

Dear Sir,   I am a Chartered Accountant with more than two decades experience audit including listed and private companies and giving consultancy to various other corporate entities.   To become IFRS compliant, what are the Accounting Standards, which need to be modified substantially and what are the factors that need to be considered to [...]

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