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IAS 7- Statement of Cash Flows & Foreign exchange gains/losses

I am having a difficult time in understanding the effect of foreign exchange gains/losses on the statement of cash flow, in particular relating to the following scenarios. My auditor has advised the following to me, the method I use for preparation is the Indirect method. I - Foreign currency operating transactions settled in the period. [...]

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Cash Flow Statement – How to

Dear Experts, As we know that cash flow from operating activities includes changes in Accounts Paybles. This seems okay for a company having accounts payables related to company's normal operational expenses. But what if Accounts payable includes payable against normal operating expenses and payables against construction of buildings. Company's business is constrcution of buildings and [...]

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Cash Flow Statement

Dear Friends Can anybody help me to prepare Cash Flow Statement? I mean, which transactions will be considered for cash flow statement, which will be ignored, etc. -- Best regards Mohammad

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Cash Flow Statement

Dear all, Can you send me information with regard to cash flow statement under IAS 7. Thanks

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Cash equivalent

Dear all Please help in deciding what items can be regarded as cash equivalents > Thanks in advance! Regards, Lina Cash equivalents are financial instruments that can be easily converted to cash, have high liquidity like stock of quoted companies. Best Regards. Alberto     Lina, I woul suggest to take a look into IAS [...]

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IAS 12 disclosures

Do I email you to suggest a new topic? I saw that the disclosures for IAS 7 were a recent topic of interest.  I thought readers might be interested in reading about disclosures required for IAS 12. IAS 12 (Income Taxes) requires a minimum of five disclosures, and potentially more than fifteen, depending on the [...]

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IFRSLIST.COM | Last 12 month cash flow

Hello to everybody, I want to prepare 31.7.2007-31.07.2008 and 31.07.2007-31.07.2006 cash flow statements. How can I prapare according to the indirect cash flow method? Which issues should I consider? Thanks for your help. Evrim

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