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Investment decision

Dear Every one, Can any one help to solve the following problems:     Say, XY is a joint venture company between X & Y with 70:30 proportion with issued capital of  $100. Now, Y intends to offload its share to Z company for a consideration of $ 80. Now the question is how this investment [...]

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Forex hedging treatment and disclosure.

Dear all My Company has an outstanding USD loan of say US$10m and as our main subsidiaries are operating in China and earns revenue denominated in RMB, which will ultimately flow to our company in terms of RMB dividend (converted to USD due to exchange regulation in PRC). As we need to make periodic payments [...]

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Where can I find pdf copy of US GAAP and US GAAP APB?

Do anyone know where I can download copy of US GAAP and US GAAP APB? Thanks Dessanti for your answer Our position is less than 1%, we bought in the active market Euro a little position to speculate in market price. The IAS 39 don't include equity investment as applicable financial asset to recognized the [...]

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Loan Impairment

Is there any guideline for measurement of loan impairment and recognition of interest income by using effective rate method Asim well Esther the UK leads the path i.e. the UK tax authorities are the only ones in Europe which accept IFRS reporting to the extent that its website http://www.hmrc.gov.uk/ does have a section allocated to [...]

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Dear All, Can Loan be classified as Available for sale investments (as it is open category). Please answer while considering IAS 39. Thanks Muhammad […]

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Preparation of financial from IGAAP To IFRS

Dear All  i am working in a home finance company which is subsidary of german company, due to which we are require to prepare the financial from IGAAP to IFRS. i have the following questions:- 1.we take a loan and in taking loan that we usually pay a processing fee. 2. we pay security deposit [...]

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Dear Vatsla can you answer my following question in details. 1. we take a loan  and pay processing fee for taking loan. for eg. if we take a loan of rs 10 lacs , we generally pay processing fee of rs.50000. if you see the net amount in hand is rs 9.5 lacs As per [...]

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Allowance for settlement discount.

Hi all For those companies who offer settlement discount, should we have an account to record the probable allowance for settlement discount or we should net it off against the revenue? Thank you in advance. Regards, Nyasha Marauka […]

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Interest rate Swaps

Hi, What disclosures does a company need to give for Interest rate swaps and which standards are applicable for this. Thanks Aneel   Hi Prethy   Actually available for sale is an open category that means that if company did not decide where to classify it can be classified as  available for sale. However for [...]

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IAS 39

Dear All   Can someone tell me that how to measure the fair value of unquoted equity investment as per IAS-39 or can we take break up value as fair value. please do let me know at your earliest.     Thanks   Regards Muhammad […]

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Asset held for resale

Hi,   My name is Aashima Tandon. Can anybody tell me what exactly is asset held for sale and negative goodwill? What Hi there, sale? Assets held for sale include assets (or groups of assets to be disposed of) whose carrying amount will be recovered principally through a sale transaction rather than through continuing use. [...]

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Accounting Treatment of "Arrangement fee" paid to bank for term loan

Dear All   Please advise your views whether subject item does come under the scope of IAS 23 or IAS 39. The loan facility is repayable in 30 years and interest rate is variable interest rate and we hedge the interest rate by taking interest swap contracts with banks.   In case someone needs more [...]

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Question about IFRS transition

Dear All, As someone could let me know when all European entities should comply with the IFRS reporting format. Up to now we comply with the LuxGaap or USGaap but I heard that we should report next January 2008 in IFRS. Have you the article who mentioned this transition ? Thanks and kind regards Dominique [...]

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Hedge, Treasury instruments

Good morning to all Please let me know the salient points in related to Hedge (SWAPs, Collars, etc) and other treasury instruments present in differnt IFRS. Futhermore, kindly refer me certain website in this regard as well. I shall be looking forward and thanks in advance. Regards Salman

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