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IFRS Implementation-cum-Global Qualification on 3rd July 2011 in New Delhi

For finance and accounts professionals looking for an effective training on IFRS with special focus to India implementation.

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Speculative trading position on accrual accounted asset?

Hello all, We have several positions of ‘commodity storages’ in our portfolio (oil storage tanks, underground gas storages, coal reserves…). These storages are considered as assets and are valued at a typical average winter/summer commodity sprea...


Financial Instruments under IFRS

Dear Sir or Madam Can you tell me what will be include in the Financial Instruments? and second think i am doing research on the discloser of IFRS by the companies and i am not understanding what would i see in the annual reports of the companies for s...

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Option Accounting Entries

Dear All Our Company is into Oil trade and has entered into options in commodity. Can some one give me the list of accounting entries under USGAAP in the books of both Options writer and options buyer. Request you to give the journal entries under bot...

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Interest Rate Swap

Dear Experts, An Org has signed a IRS agrrement with a bank against floating int rate of term loan from another bank. Before the maturity of agreement period term loan is repaid and another loan obtained from another bank. Based on int cap and fluctuat...

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Interest Capitalization

The Company has taken a loan for construction of projects. A part of amount is kept in FD with the Bank. Interest is capitalized on the amount paid as per payment certificates like draw down. If the project is capitalized and 2 payment certificates received after the capitalization date. Now question is whether interest will [...]

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Forex hedging treatment and disclosure.

Dear all My Company has an outstanding USD loan of say US$10m and as our main subsidiaries are operating in China and earns revenue denominated in RMB, which will ultimately flow to our company in terms of RMB dividend (converted to USD due to exchange regulation in PRC). As we need to make periodic payments [...]

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Exceptional Items vs. Extraordinary Items

Any one please clarify me this.... Hari Hi Team, Will any one clarify the difference between Exceptional Items & Extraordinary Items? With reference to IFRS what is the disclosure policy for the both. Thanks & Regards, Hari Hi Hari, to my understanding according to IAS 1 there was for several years the possibility to show [...]

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Financial instruments

Does it exist a definition for financial instruments? I am confused with the different perceptions of financial instruments. Thanks. Sincerely yours Emilio   Dear Emilio,   a Financial instrument is any contract that gives rise to a financial ass...

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Share application monies

Sirs and madam, would like too seek help on how to disclose a share application monies? thanks… jinn […]

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Foreign Currency

Dears I have a question regarding bank a/c in foreging currency, as we have one bank account in euro, where as we are maintaing our books in local currency (other than euro). Every month we there is difference in exchage rate, and we closing our books...

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Preparation of financial from IGAAP To IFRS

Dear All  i am working in a home finance company which is subsidary of german company, due to which we are require to prepare the financial from IGAAP to IFRS. i have the following questions:- 1.we take a loan and in taking loan that we usually pay a processing fee. 2. we pay security deposit [...]

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IFRS documentation/IAS/US GAAP

Henk willl provide the answer   Henk can you re-explain the whole story again i.e.   1. You mention we still have to use IAS until IFRS is more official, please restate the IAS link 2. Please re-state the IFRS link (is the one you sent for instance re FRS 38 in the other E-Mail) [...]

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Asset held for resale

Hi,   My name is Aashima Tandon. Can anybody tell me what exactly is asset held for sale and negative goodwill? What Hi there, sale? Assets held for sale include assets (or groups of assets to be disposed of) whose carrying amount will be recovered principally through a sale transaction rather than through continuing use. [...]

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Hedge, Treasury instruments

Good morning to all Please let me know the salient points in related to Hedge (SWAPs, Collars, etc) and other treasury instruments present in differnt IFRS. Futhermore, kindly refer me certain website in this regard as well. I shall be looking forward and thanks in advance. Regards Salman

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