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IAS19: Accounting for Post-Employment Benefits

The IASB has now issued the long-awaited amendments to IAS 19, Employee Benefits. These changes will come into force from 2013. IIR’s Accounting for Post-Employment Benefits Seminar will provide you with a clear overview of the amendments along with ...

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IAS 19 – Employee Benefits

List of useful info, resources and documents available on other websites about IAS 19 – Employee Benefits. Summary of IAS 19 – IASPlus Full Text of the IAS 19 as at 31 December 2010 provided by IASB (You need to register) Other useful … Co...

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Terminal Benefit Calculation

Dear members, May you please advice me on calculating terminal benefits for an employee Let’s say Mr. E has been working with ABC Company Ltd since 26th June 2007 and is to be terminated in 30th June 2009 after the business closure. His starting salary was US$300 per month plus 15% housing benefit totalling US$345. [...]

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IAS 19

Dear Members Please advice is there any minimum number of employee required for the provision for gratutity and leave encashment as per IAS 19. Best regards

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