Question about Goodwill

In 2008 i have made a promise contract to buy a company. In the beginning of 2009 i have signed the purchase contract.  In 2009 i also received the 2008 dividends. So my question is.. should I register the goodwill taking in to account the 2008 equity of the subsidiary?

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Consolidation – Goodwill related questions

Hi all, Can you please help me with the following queries. Thanks in advance! 1. Goodwill - On consolidation, is it possible to actually increase goodwill figures or can goodwill only be reduced/impaired? 2. IFRS 3 states that negative goodwill is to be credited to the income statement. So if we CR Income, what's the [...]

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Goodwill under SFAS 142

Hi All, Greetings. Some countries accounting standards say goodwill can be amortized or impaired. Some countries will say goodwill can only be impaired. Where can I get all this information and notes regarding. Thanks in advance.

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