Financial & Regulatory Reporting for Lloyd’s Syndicates

A Practical Introduction to Financial & Regulatory Reporting for Lloyd’s Syndicates 29 & 30 April  2014 | Central London Attending this course will help you to: Gain a clear understanding of the PRA’s prudential regime as applied to Lloyd’s Improve your confidence in preparing regulatory returns and syndicate accounts Understand the impact of changes being [...]

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IFRS for Small and Medium Sized Entities (SMEs)

Dear All this is just to inform you that the IASB issued today an International Financial Reporting Standard (IFRS) designed for use by small and medium-sized entities (SMEs). You can download all the related documents - Standards - Basis of Conclusions - Illustrative Financial Statements Presentation and Disclosure Checklist here (you need to register at [...]

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News about IAS/IFRS from EU – Link to IFRS file (in pdf)

Dear allPlease find attached a news from European Commission about IFRS. In addition you'll find a link to a pdf file related to consolidated text of IFRS.Have a good joining. Regards Simone SalviAccounting standards: Commission adopts consolidated text of IFRS applicable in the EUThe European Commission has adopted on Monday 3 November the consolidated text [...]

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Hi everyone I want to know the difference between IFRS and IAS.  As, there are IAS 1 to 41 standards already existing then why IFRS 1 to 8 was developed. Secondly, are these two standards working parallel to each other or IAS is abondoned and now IFRS is working? If someone could please guide me.Well [...]

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IAS-27 query

Hi All This is Muhammad Naveed I have a query regarding the consolidation of subsidiaries. Does IAS-27 allow us to not consolidate subsidiaries which are immaterial for the group? Is it specifically mentioned somewhere in IAS?   Regards Muhammad Well Naveed Actually materiality is an underlying concept of the Financial Statements.So anything which is immaterial needs not [...]

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IFRSLIST.COM – Information

Hello i am a student from albania ,and i am studing accounting in tne economic faculty,in tirana part of our subjects we are doing ADVANCED ACCOUNTING,mainly speaking for the new international accounting standarts(IAS) and(IFRS) which are going to be practiced in Albania on january 2008.It would be very kind of you if you give [...]

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