Hi all, Need your help on this. I am trying to look into my Inventory valuation in my Accounting system hence if you have any suggestions pls do reply me. Currently we are using Navision system and if any of you are using the same system it will be good if I can hear your feedback because I am trying to get my vendor to do NRV valuation for my Inventory and they give me negative answers. In addition we are using FIFO method but in the system it doesn’t calculate it this way. But my vendor tells me this is the way it is. Any good websites which can help will be helpful Regards, Sylvia   […]

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Sale of investment

Dear All,   Good day ahead.............   We have purchased shares of a company as an investment only. We have purchased as lot by lot from the year 2005 onwards until year 2007 and it is now 110000 shares valuing  USD 2.5 mn and we have got bonus shares of 10% of the holding on March [...]

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Difference b/w "Current Cost" & "Replacement Cost"

Dear Moderators,   I need the difference b/w "Current Cost" & "Replacement Cost" as per IAS/IFRS. Plz elaborate with examples. . . .   thanx & b/rgrds, ammad no difference. -- best regards, Tope Current Cost - Current cost is the cost that would be incurred at the present time to replace an asset, the [...]

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