Dear All   Can any body tell me that is budget only for expenses or can be for Asset, liabilities and income also. My openion is it can be for all (Asset, liability, Expense and income). Please help me according to the IAS/IFRS. – Best regard...

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Dear all, Is it fair to value inventory at updated standard costs even if the inventory item was manufactured at a time when standard costs were much lower?   Regards, Grace Hi Divine I experienced this issue in 1995 It is fair and possible but al...

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Budget control

What is the different between budget control and budgetary controls  million thanks  […]

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Morning All, Our company incurs a lot of expenses in terms of projects work like traveling. Substance, entertainment allowances etc We also do incur expense interims of the preliminary expenses like site visits, negotiating meetings. Are these expenses to be expensed or capitalized as we seems to have a different view of this from IAS [...]

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