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IFRS – Project Management

Hello all! We are currently assessing the impact of converting from our local GAAP to IFRS to prepare for a 2011 conversion. In this first diagnostic step, we hope to capture IFRS issues by account line item, divided into 4 main categories; accounting impact(disclosure and gap), system impact, business impact and people impact. (i.e. what [...]

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IAS-27 query

Hi All This is Muhammad Naveed I have a query regarding the consolidation of subsidiaries. Does IAS-27 allow us to not consolidate subsidiaries which are immaterial for the group? Is it specifically mentioned somewhere in IAS?   Regards Muhammad Well Naveed Actually materiality is an underlying concept of the Financial Statements.So anything which is immaterial needs not [...]

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Guide:US GAAP v IFRS differences (from PWC/EY/DT/KPMG)

Hello all,   Does anybody have a PDF guide highlighting the differences between US GAAP and IFRS. These guides have always existed free of charge, I am just wondering if now with the introduction of IFRS anyone has a final format?   Thanks in advance     Regards     Jorge     […]

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AICPA Audit and Accounting Guide Health Care Organizations

Good morning, Could anybody please guide me where I can find the full text of "AICPA Audit and Accounting Guide Health Care Organizations"?? Thanks in advance. Cheers, Abed Are you looking for a particular chapter in the guide? The reason I ask is because those guides are usually 12-15 chapters long and usually need to [...]

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Please guide on this

Hi all! I am a young chartered accountant from India presently working in a reputed engineering company at Baroda, India. In the long run I plan to start a consulting firm focused on IFRS implementation and compliance. In the medium term I plan to get an international exposure particularly in South East Asian countries like Singapore, [...]

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