Group accounting manual

Hi all, I have to update our Group accounting manual. The latest update was done in November 2006. My goal is to make sure that our group accounting policies are conducted in respect of IFRS. I have to update our policies and to implement new policies in accordance to the new rules implemented since then. Can you lease advice on the best way to tackle this task? I will be very thankful for any guidance, templates, links or suggestions. Best regards Hi Adil, Not sure you realize the task taken on! Only way to complete this is to go through one by one and note any changes. Our company did similar exercise with the hotel uniform system of accounts and below is the template used   New Policy Number New Policy Section New Policy Name Old Policy Section Old Policy Number Old Policy Name What Changed       New Policy Structure Old Policy Structure What Changed   Number Section Name Number Section Name   I’d happily buy you a beer when I’m in Denmark in July J for exchange of your updated document Mette […]