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[26 Sep 2011 | Comments Off | ]

The IFRS Foundation has announced the publication of translations of many recently issued pronouncements into various languages, including Albanian, Macedonian, French, Georgian, Romanian and Spanish. Updated Arabic translations are also available.

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[24 Jan 2011 | Comments Off | ]

The Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) has announced the launch of the GRI Sustainability Reporting Guidelines in Arabic. Also, GRI’s Focal Point USA will be officially launched at the New York Stock Exchange on Monday 31 January 2011.

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[23 Dec 2010 | Comments Off | ]

The IFRS Foundation has announced that a Brazilian Portuguese translation of the IFRS for SMEs 2009 is now available.
The Arab Society of Certified Accountants (ASCA) “Jordan” has issued the approved Arabic translation of IFRSs 2010.