Tax & Accounting for Oil & Gas Companies 2013

IIR presents: Tax & Accounting for Oil & Gas Companies 2013 10th – 13th December 2013, London Agenda | Website | Register Conference One: Accounting for Oil & Gas Companies etc. venues, The Hatton, London • 11th December ...

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dear experts, im facing difficulties on the computation of my deferred taxation , and my boss required to do some proofing to ensure the accuaracy. my formula is as follows: however i have purchased some assets which is under Hire purchase , please advise how do i do my proofing? 2007 2006 S$ S$ Net [...]

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Calculation of deferred tax

Can any one help me for calculation of deferred tax under deductable timing diference Example: writeen down value of fixed assets as pert accounts-200          writeen down value as per tax                      150 please privide the soluision by giving effects in the profit [...]

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Date of comercial production

Dear all, can anyone please guide me if there are any guidelines as to establish date of commercial production in a manufacturing concern in IFRS. thanks and regards deepak Hi Deepak, I assume you are inferring to either intangible assets. There is n...

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Reversal of a previuos inventory writedown

Dear All Kindly feed me back regarding the reversal of any previuos writedown that had been made in a previuos period. Is it possible to reverse a wirte down for inventory made in 2007 to be reversed in 2008 Noting that I couldn’t reach any speci...

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How to learn IFRS

Dear All, please give me the details how to start learning of IFRS. and how to make career in it. Thank you               I am a USA based accountant and wamt to learn more. Curious how much implemetation has taken place in other countries?

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Dear All   Can any body tell me that is budget only for expenses or can be for Asset, liabilities and income also. My openion is it can be for all (Asset, liability, Expense and income). Please help me according to the IAS/IFRS. – Best regard...

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Vigilance claim in respect of tampered meter

Dear All,   if in case an assessee has been served vigilance claim from electricity department. will this be treated as penalty under income tax act and be disallowed?   Regards, Sanjay That sounds like a local statute issue rather than a pur...

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Cash basis – accrual basis

Dear all, during an interview I was asked this question and I am still in doubt about the reply. If you need to audit an entity which is going to change from a cash basis to an accrual basis accounting system, what would you audit first and why? Thanks...

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Not-for-profit organizations

In Canada, public companies and financial institutions (generally) will be adopting IFRS in 2011. Private companies will have the choice between IFRS and or local Canadian standards specifically for them. It has not been announce yet what will happen w...


Deferred Tax calculation

Please any body can give the suggession to calculate the deferred tax under following situationThe company earned profit after tax in 2006 100 m , 2007 112 m & 2008 85m and tax rate was 30%, 35% and 30% respectively. at the end of 2008 the company given the jurnal of prior years adjustment of tk 10 m relation to 2006 of 5m 2007 of m . the company does not calculate the deferred tax in any of the previous year.   under above circumstances how deferred tax will be calculated Thanks […]

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