AASB 116 compared to AASB 140

If a company has the ability to choose between accounting for property under AASB 116 Property Plant and Equipment and AASB 140 Investment Property, in which circumstances (if any) do you believe the company would favour using AASB 116 over AASB 140 (or vice versa). Why?

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Airline MRO Billing Accounting

I work in a company specialized in doing MRO for aircrafts, the issues that the work orders of the maintenance and repair takes from a month to 4 months direct salaries and materials are issued to the tasks and salaries are expensed in monthly basis and appears in the P&L while revenue will recorded once [...]

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What measures are being taken by UK's ASB to bring UK GAAP into line with international standards? What are the advantages of a closer international harmonization of accounting olicies for multi national companies and investors? well Esther the UK leads the path i.e. the UK tax authorities are the only ones in Europe which accept [...]

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FIN 48

Hi there,   I am looking for any guidance, material or websites etc on FIN 48 under the US GAAPs. Can anyone provide the same?   Best regards,   […]

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