IFRS: a help or a headache? Apply for MSc in Accounting and Control in Amsterdam

IFRS: a help or a headache? Well, maybe the International Financial Reporting Standards are a bit of both. But rest assured, this Master’s will give you a solid grounding in IFRS, one that will enable you to understand the increasing complexity of s...

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Annual Report 2009 under International Financial Reporting Standards (IAS-IFRS 2009)

The Board of Directors of Fiat S.p.A. approved the Group’s 2009 consolidated financial statements and the Statutory accounts of Fiat S.p.A.. This could be an example of IFRS Annual Report 2009.

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Save 15% on IASeminars courses as IFRS List member

We are pleased to announce that as IFRS List member you can now SAVE 15% on total order for any public seminars booked through IASeminars website. In order to benefit from this offer, please remember to use the IFRSList promotional code (“LIST15 ...

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UE adopted IFRIC 18 and other amendments to IFRIC and Standards (IAS39 + IFRIC 9 and IFRS 4 + IFRS 7)

The Commission of European Communities has adopted: - IFRIC 18 – IFRIC Interpretation 18 Transfers of Assets from Customers – Amendments to: - IFRS 4 and I...

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Dear all This is just to inform you that a new IFRS Portal is now available in Italian. Visit | Join | Discuss | Info &#...

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Good News from and IASeminars

Dear members I imagine that many of you already know IASeminars, “a specialist independent provider of training courses around the world on international financial reporting issues (IFRS and US GAAP).” IASeminars offices are located in both the UK and the USA, but they offer more courses in more countries on more technical accounting topics than [...]

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