Defining SME

Anybody to tell me; there are separate IFRSs for SMEs. Is there any predefined criterion for an organization to be SME? what is the differentiating line to be SME and to be otherwise? is the criterion in terms of; a. capital invested? b. revenue generation? c. human resource employed? or any thing else?

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IFRS for SMEs – Free training material by IASC Foundation

The IASC Foundation is developing 35 stand-alone training modules - one for each section of the IFRS for SMEs. The modules are free-to-download. The training material has been subject to multi-level peer review. It has not been approved by the IASB. Modules are related to: - Small and Medium-sized Entities - Financial Statement Presentation - [...]

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IFRS Seminar in Mumbai


News from IASB.org about IFRS for SMEs

  IASB has just published on iasb.org website january's newsoletter containing useful updates about IFRS Light (SMEs). The main items contained in this newsletter are the following: Title of standard| From "IFRS for SMEs" to "IFRS for private entities", but IASB announced that the final definition of this standard is "IFRS for non-publicly accountable entities" [...]

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