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IFRS and New UK GAAP for LIFE INSURERS 26-27 November 2013, Central London TBC View the Latest Agenda Early bird savings of £200 available if you book by 11th October, PLUS 10% discount with the VIP Code: FKM62675IFRSL. Register today! Attending IFRS ...


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Hello everyone! Can somebody help me?  Which public companies provide their reports both in accordance with IFRS and GAAP ? Thank you beforehand for help!

IFRS FX contract treatment

I would like to receive inputs on this query, thanks in advance. A company based in India wants to buy goods from company based in Europe. Following scenario can be assumed 01.03.2012 : A deal was done = The company in India would buy100 EUR (purchase...


IFRS Implementation-cum-Global Qualification on 3rd July 2011 in New Delhi

For finance and accounts professionals looking for an effective training on IFRS with special focus to India implementation.

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Tools ‹ IFRS LIST.COM – The online community about IAS IFRS, Accounting and Auditing — WordPress. Related posts:IFRS: a help or a headache? Apply for MSc in Accounting and Control in Amsterdam Request for auditing standard Assistance for Audit...

CCH Customized Training Course on IFRS by Deloitte

CCH (a Wolters Kluwer business) is a leading information service provider in the areas of Tax, Accounting & Legal globally. The brand represents every “Professionals first choice”. We are continuously engaged in the effort of meeting our custom...

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IFRS: a help or a headache? Apply for MSc in Accounting and Control in Amsterdam

IFRS: a help or a headache? Well, maybe the International Financial Reporting Standards are a bit of both. But rest assured, this Master’s will give you a solid grounding in IFRS, one that will enable you to understand the increasing complexity of s...

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New book “Accounting for Equity and Other Comprehensive Income: Dual Reporting Under U.S. GAAP and IFRSs”.

The book “Accounting for Equity and Other Comprehensive Income: Dual Reporting Under U.S. GAAP and IFRSs”, by Francesco Bellandi, CPA, CA, ACCADipIFR, MBA, Sapienza Rome State University Press is now available on-line at at Dualgaap.com or Casalini.com. Paperback purchases can be ordered at redazionecasaeditrice@uniroma1.it. This book examines and compares the reporting of stockholders’ equity as [...]

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Restatement of Advance for share capital

Dear All, Your guidance is required for the following issue. Company has received some funds in foreign currency from its Parent company . A portion of the same was booked under the head "secured loan" and another portion as "Advance against sharecapital". When we are restating the foreign currency liability is there any need to [...]

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Treatement in IFRS for scrap sales linked with Capital work in progress

Dear All Please help me to know the treatement of Scrap sales related to Capital Work in progress (CWIP). The income generated from the sale of scrap directly linked with the CWIP should be reduced from CWIP or should be taken to P&L?   Thanks & Regards Anupam

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IFRS Seminar in Mumbai


Joint AICPA/IASC Foundation Conference on IFRS

The AICPA and IASC Foundation’s International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) in North America 2009 (October 29-30, 2009 in New York with Pre-Conference Workshops October 28) conference features in-depth presentations, panel discussions and extensive Q&A sessions on the most current developments impacting you and your organization with Sir David Tweedie from the IASB, Bob Herz from [...]

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Consolidation – IFRS

Dear All, Please let me know the treatment of Existing negative goodwill incase of first time adoption of IFRS Regards Chirag


Plant Replacement Reserve

Dear Members What does IFRS or GAAP say about plant repacement reserve . In particular I would like to know when/how one can use the reserve. Thanks.

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Splitting out G&A

Question: When you’re talking about material class of similar items, does that mean for example that you have to break rent out of G&A line item?  Both rent and G&A are material amounts and so which is the standard way to do things. (1) group both in one line item and disclose in notes the [...]

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Capital work in progress

Dear Experts, What is the accounting treatment of capital work in progress for the period before commissioning under the following two scenarios? 1. The assets are finance from the company’s internal sources. 2. The assets are financed by the govt in form of a grant from an international financial institution. Kind refer to the applicable [...]

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Treatment of Storage Costs

Hi All, Can someone advice the correct treatment of the below case under IFRS. A company is trading in Fuel Oil. It purchases fuel oil, stores it in tanks and sells it. As a result it incurs fuel costs and also storage costs (tank rentals). In a particular transaction, the company purchased fuel oil in [...]

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IFRS financial statements for year end December 2008

EY published the following items: - 2008 edition of Good Group that contains the IFRS consolidated financial statements of a fictitious company, Good Group (International) Limited, a manufacturing company with subsidiaries, incorporated and listed in Euroland, with a reporting date of 31 December 2008. The standards applied in these consolidated financial statements are those that [...]

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Work in progress

Dear Experts, An Org. is into construction of building and renting to tenants for offices as considered as PPE due to other revenue significant. Building under construction remain in CWIP. Now at the year end what if contractor has not submitted payment certificate up to year end and on sending confirmation to him, there is [...]

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