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Hello everyone! Can somebody help me?  Which public companies provide their reports both in accordance with IFRS and GAAP ? Thank you beforehand for help!

Amortization of prepaid lease payments

Hi I have a quick question to ask on the title. If a lease is signed for a piece of land say for 50 years and construction work to build a factory is ongoing at the balance sheet date and not expected to be completed for the next 2 years, does amortiz...

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IAS 16 – Property, Plant and Equipment

List of useful info, resources and documents available on other websites about IAS 16 – Property, Plant and Equipment. Summary of IAS 16 – IASPlus Full Text of the IAS 16 as at 31 December 2010 provided by IASB (You need to register) … Con...

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IFRS Implementation-cum-Global Qualification on 3rd July 2011 in New Delhi

For finance and accounts professionals looking for an effective training on IFRS with special focus to India implementation.

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Capitalize CIP IAS 16 Component Accounting

As per IAS 16 PPE is in location and conditions necessary for it to be capable of operating in the manner intended by management, which will usually be the date of practical completion of the physical asset, cost recognition ceases. My questions are If building construction is completed but electricity is not started yet should building be capitalized.

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Revision of Software useful file

What could be evidence for justifying software life revision from 5 years to 3 years. So that prospective application of change.

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Capitalization of Initial cost of asset acquiring

Hi to everybody. My question is that: the initial costs to acquire an asset like; the negotiation and traveling expenses incurred by management to acquire an asset, what about such costs of that assets; in case before finalizing of the deal; a. it is certain that the asset would be acquired. b. its is not [...]

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Initial Costs capitalization

Hi sir. My question is that the costs of negotiation and traveling for acquiring an assets by management, what about the costs whether it should be capitalized or expensed in case; a. it is certain from the very day that the assets would be acquired. b. it is uncertain that the asset would be acquired [...]

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Change in life of computer software IAS 16, IAS 8

Dear Experts, If useful life of computer software is revised from 5 years to 2 years, this would be a change in estimate as per IAS-8 and change will be prospectively. However, in practical example Cost $ 50000 as on 31-12-09 Accumulated Depreciation $ 30000 as on 31-12-09 NBV 20000 as on 31-12-09 If life [...]

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IFRIC-12 or not?

How would you treat a fixed asset in the situation below? The energy supplier operates a piece of equipment rented from the government for a defined period of time. In the end of the period the company should transfer the asset back to the government. The energy supplier makes an agreement with the government, according [...]

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Fair value as deemed cost for PPE

Hello everyone, can somebody give me names of some mining companies who has got huge gains when they opted for this exemption of deemed cost for thier mines

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PPE Component

The Excavation cost to fix a tank underground is a part of tank cost. Likewise the motors/valves needed to install a tank and a loading rack for filling the tank - should be also a part of the tank cost. However, considering their significant $ value one should componentized the assets into Motors, Loading rack [...]

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Accounting treatment of PPE in consolidated financial statement

How will you report the ppe in the consolidated balance sheet if some of the units use historical cost and some the market valuation? If there is no historical cost data available, could you use the market value? thnak you

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Hello, How much can be the maximum life given to Improvements for owned property as per IAS 16.  If the life of the property - building can be 40 years, Can we give the same life to Improvments done to the buidlings? Thanks a lot. Saj House

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Fair value as deemed cost for property

Hello to all IFRS expert, Our company elects to use fair value at the date of transition as the deemed cost $100 of an item of property, plant and equipment. How we can account the difference $5 of the carrying amount $95 of the asset at that date with its deemed cost $100? Is it [...]

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IAS -16 construction of hotel building on leased land

Company A Parent company Own land and lease out to a company B a subsidiary. Company A will construct hotel for B. Construction cost will be debited to fixed assets. Company B has entered into an agreement with Company C for hotel operation. Land leased will be an operating lease for both A and B Hotel [...]

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Revised useful life of Assets

Dear all If the life of an Asset is revised. Should we give effect retrospectively or prospectively. Please give refernce from IFRS/IAS. and is it mandotary to revise the whole class of assets life. e.g if one truck is working in desert /rough areas an...

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Live web presentation introducing the exposure draft on Derecognition ? 27 May 2009

Information for those who have not registered at iasb.org Live web presentation introducing the exposure draft on Derecognition ? 27 May 2009  In March 2009 the IASB published an exposure draft on Derecognition. The exposure draft is open for public comment until 31 July 2009. Stephen Cooper, Member of the IASB and Michael Mueller, Practice Fellow, will [...]

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