Distribution expenses & Cost of goods sold

Good day to everyone! Please, help me in the next controversial question. IAS 2 requires distribution expenses to be accounted as expenses of a period instead of to increase cost of goods. It is quite obvious, however, if, for instance, a company incurs transport expenses to deliver its products to customers situated in other regions [...]

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Consolidated accounts

Does IAS require consolidated accounts reported for subsidiary companies pursuing dissimilar activities (than those of the parent company)? Can you quote the relevant IASs?  Where can I find copies and guidelines of the IASs for reading? Do EU companies have to follow IAS since 2005?  What other standards (e.g. IFRS) are acceptable?  In which legislations? [...]

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Airline MRO Billing Accounting

I work in a company specialized in doing MRO for aircrafts, the issues that the work orders of the maintenance and repair takes from a month to 4 months direct salaries and materials are issued to the tasks and salaries are expensed in monthly basis and appears in the P&L while revenue will recorded once [...]

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The comparability of IFRS financial statements

Dear Sir/Madam, As part of my PhD in Applied Economic Sciences at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (Free University of Brussels, Belgium), I examine the comparability of the consolidated financial statements of European listed companies. After the introduction of the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) as from 2005, users of the consolidated financial statements of European [...]

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I am currently involved in the conversion from Canadian GAAP to IFRS. Are there any extra disclosures that need to be added to the MD&A to be IFRS compliant? Or are the increased disclosures in the notes to the financials sufficient?

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Splitting out G&A

Question: When you’re talking about material class of similar items, does that mean for example that you have to break rent out of G&A line item?  Both rent and G&A are material amounts and so which is the standard way to do things. (1) group both in one line item and disclose in notes the [...]

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Cost Drivers

What is strategic cost driver? What is the importance of strategic cost driver? with regard […]

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Hello All I am a management student .Taken Finance as my specilization. As a part of our curiculum i am suppose to do a live project (kind of research taking a particular company as a tool on particular topic). Can anyone guide me on which topic to choose. Thanks and Regards […]

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Electronic version of full IFRSs and IASs

Hello Can anyone recommend a website that has the full set of IFRSs and IASs with examples? Thank you Michael […]

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IFRSLIST.COM – Information

Hello i am a student from albania ,and i am studing accounting in tne economic faculty,in tirana part of our subjects we are doing ADVANCED ACCOUNTING,mainly speaking for the new international accounting standarts(IAS) and(IFRS) which are going to be practiced in Albania on january 2008.It would be very kind of you if you give [...]

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