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IFRS 2013-05-03 20:08:51

Hello everyone! Can somebody help me?  Which public companies provide their reports both in accordance with IFRS and GAAP ? Thank you beforehand for help!

Consolidattion question

Hi there I have a question/need clarification which has consolidation impact and I would like to discuss what would be the right treatment. Let’s say we have 2 companies (mother and daughter company) where there has been an inter-company loan gra...

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Elimination of Intercompany financial transactions

I want to tap into your intellectual accounting brain power to bounce some ideas. The problem is simple: We have Interest rate swaps trades between 2 entities – intercompany trades. One entity is valuing it off one curve (OIS) and the entity othe...


Accounting changes for minority investments?

There is apparently an accounting change coming in next year affecting the way financial services (and possibly other) companies account for minority interests. I understand this may require companies to treat a minority investment as a trading/available for sale investment rather than an equity investment at present. Has anyone heard of this? I've tried to verify this with very little success.

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Consolidation-disposal of subsidiary

Thank Riyer. What about the balance sheet? Do i Have to show consolidated figures 2009? Or i simply put the comparatives of the company only. Regards Related posts:Consolidation- disposal of subsidiary Entries – Consolidation of financial stat...

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Consolidation- disposal of subsidiary

Dear all, I would like to have your opinion on the below. A Company usually prepares consolidated accounts for a 100% owned subsidiary and the year end is March. For the year ended March 2010, the shares were transfered to another company on the 15th ...

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Debt to equity swap

Could you please help with the following situation? The Company A (subsidiary) has financial liability to the third party. This liability is recognized at amortized cost using effective interest rate method as it repayable in 2020. We expect that this liability will be sold in 2010 by third party to parent of company A. After [...]

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Consolidation of net loss position

I have the following company : Assets                          150 Share capital             -100 Accumulated loss    550 Liabilities                    -600 Parent buys the company by issuing its 250 of its own [...]

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Accounting treatment of currency exchange differences arising out of consolidation

While consolidating foriegn subsidiary account with parent company, what will be the treatment of currency exchange differences arising out of consolidation. I want to know the following two  matters : 1. The treatment of exchange difference arises out of eliminating income statement items, like inter company sales, puchase etc 2. The treatment of echange difference in consolidating balance [...]

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Consolidation of Foreign sub

Hi there, Can anyone advise how to treat intercompany loans during the consolidation of a foreign sub under ifrs? I am trying to calculate the fx gain/loss that goes to equity on translation of the subs net assets but I’m unsure what adjustments ...

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Shareholde’s current account

What is the treatment of shareholders current account in consolidation? Does it need to be eliminated?

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Question about goodwill

Hello, I would be grateful for your advice on the following situation: Company P buys 100% of company A and recognises goodwill in its consolidated financial statements. 3 months later the two companies merge and in the next period's financial statements the goodwill is no longer separately presented, but presented in the notes as part [...]

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loss making subsidiaries – consolidation

Hi, my company has a subsidiary which is loss making. The capital has been fully consumed with accumulated losses. In consolidation, we have accounted for the losses. Now we are closing the company. What is the accounting treatment for the investment? in consolidation, this is offset against capital. How to account fo the write-off of [...]

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Consolidation After Merge

If  company (A) has a subsidiary(b) during acquisition no goodwill was recognized  then the subsidiary (b) was merged with another company resulted for change it's capital structure , so the Investment of (A) at (b) is now greater than it's share of  new capital of (b) is the difference recognized as goodwill or what please Help


Financial Statement Consolidation

If the subsidiary was established prior to the parent company, what are the possible complications? I.e. because the Holdings require higher initial capital the management decided that once the subsidiary generates revenue. the revenue can be use to fund the share capital of the parent. On the establishment of the subsidiary the shareholders put more [...]


Realized exchange – or Revaluation differences?

Dear All, We run a SAP system with a company in EUR as Local currency and USD as reporting currency. When we book a 100 EUR invoice automatically SAP books it based on the system rate as f.e.150 USD in the reporting currency. Sofar everthing is in order. When we pay the 100 EUR from [...]

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Dear all I have a doubt about the consolidation of fully owned subsidiary. While consolidat the financial statements, which rate of exchange we should apply : i think, for income statement, the rate should be average rate.for balance sheet items, the closing rate for monetory items and for non-monetory items the historical spot rate. further,what [...]

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Is offsetting of positive goodwill against negative goodwill allowed in consolidation?

Hi everyone, In consolidation, are we allowed to offset negative goodwill against postive goodwill? Thanks for your help.

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1. Does IFRS require consolidated accounts to be reported for subsidiary companies pursuing dissimilar activities? 2. Do companies within the EU have to use IFRS as a standard?  Are other standards allowed? 3. It is common practice, according to a pub...

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