Stakeholder Management, London 20-21 January 2014

A new strategic approach – Transform finance into strategy

This course explains stakeholder management theories and proposes an overall method that combines several approaches. It illustrates the process to follow, and guides through methods and tools. The instructor also leads workshop techniques so that the audience can apply the methodologies explained.

Areas Covered

  • Module One: The Stakeholder Management Approach
  • Module Two: Standards and Frameworks
  • Module Three: What Is a Stakeholder?
  • Module Four: Basic Principles
  • Module Five: Comparing Engagement Process Theories
  • Module Six: Engagement Processes, Methods and Tools
  • Module Seven: Key Stakeholders and Perspectives

Course Benefits

  • Understanding of the basic principles of stakeholder management
  • Comparison of existing theories
  • Explanation of and exercises on how to apply tools

Info and booking:

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