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How to recognize revenue for mall if 10 years tennacy contract but 8 years paid and two years for free?

how to recognize revenue for mall if 10 years tennacy contract but 8 years paid and two years for free

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International Gaap 2010® – Special 10% discount to members

International GAAP® 2010 By Ernst & Young The latest and most comprehensive IFRS guidance available online and in print International GAAP® 2010 demonstrates how difficult practical issues should be approached in the new complex global world of ...

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International Financial Reporting Standards UPDATE – SAVE up to £200

IFRS List is proud to be supporting IIR’s IFRS Update courses in 2010 IFRS Update Course London 2010:  May 25–27, Sep 21–23, Nov 16–18 Zurich: June 15–17, Dec 8–10 Attend this in-depth and hands-on two day course to ensure you meet the cur...

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IFRIC-12 or not?

How would you treat a fixed asset in the situation below? The energy supplier operates a piece of equipment rented from the government for a defined period of time. In the end of the period the company should transfer the asset back to the government. The energy supplier makes an agreement with the government, according [...]

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IASeminars launches comprehensive suite of IFRS e-learning courses!

IASeminars launches comprehensive suite of IFRS e-learning courses! IFRSList enjoys a strategic partnership with IASeminars. As IFRSList member you can save  15% discount on IASeminars courses. In order to benefit from this offer, please remember to use the IFRSList promotional code ("LIST15") when prompted to do so whilst placing an order on the IASeminars website. [...]

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Accounts Receivables collection through sale of assets

Dear Experts, If accounts receivables from a customer is $1000. The customer d does not pay and court orders that assets of customer can be sold by the seller and settle against accounts receivables. What is the accounting treatment as per IFRS. Whether assets acquired from customer is to be treated as asset held for [...]

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Borrowing cost

When arranging a long term loan mortgage fees are paid. Are these fees to be considered as ancillary borrowing cost and should be included in calculation of the effective interest rate? Thanks, Ilian Dimitrov Gotzev

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Distribution expenses & Cost of goods sold

Good day to everyone! Please, help me in the next controversial question. IAS 2 requires distribution expenses to be accounted as expenses of a period instead of to increase cost of goods. It is quite obvious, however, if, for instance, a company incurs transport expenses to deliver its products to customers situated in other regions [...]

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By: Paul

If it meets the criteria as defined in IAS 38 Intangible Assets it might. It is important to substantiate that it will generate future cash flows, it contributes to your company. In addition you have to consider the materiality of the amount and deprec...

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Fair value as deemed cost for PPE

Hello everyone, can somebody give me names of some mining companies who has got huge gains when they opted for this exemption of deemed cost for thier mines

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Capitalization of ISO costs

Can external costs related to ISO certification be capitalized as intangible assets, under IFRS?

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[New Post] Capitalization of ISO costs -

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Project cost – Leased land

Dear all, This is my first participation in this forum. i have a question regarding the land as an operating lease. We have a leased land used for a project. Currently the lease rent is being capitalised as land costs- Property Under Development, on the basis that this costs incurred to bring the assets into [...]

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PPE Component

The Excavation cost to fix a tank underground is a part of tank cost. Likewise the motors/valves needed to install a tank and a loading rack for filling the tank - should be also a part of the tank cost. However, considering their significant $ value one should componentized the assets into Motors, Loading rack [...]

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1. Does IFRS require consolidated accounts to be reported for subsidiary companies pursuing dissimilar activities? 2. Do companies within the EU have to use IFRS as a standard?  Are other standards allowed? 3. It is common practice, according to a pub...

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Consolidated accounts

Does IAS require consolidated accounts reported for subsidiary companies pursuing dissimilar activities (than those of the parent company)? Can you quote the relevant IASs?  Where can I find copies and guidelines of the IASs for reading? Do EU companies have to follow IAS since 2005?  What other standards (e.g. IFRS) are acceptable?  In which legislations? [...]

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