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Speculative trading position on accrual accounted asset?

Hello all, We have several positions of ‘commodity storages’ in our portfolio (oil storage tanks, underground gas storages, coal reserves…). These storages are considered as assets and are valued at a typical average winter/summer commodity sprea...


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[New Post] UE adopted IFRIC 18 and other amendments to IFRIC and Standards (IAS39 + IFRIC 9 and IFRS 4 + IFRS 7) -

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Fair value as deemed cost for property

Hello to all IFRS expert, Our company elects to use fair value at the date of transition as the deemed cost $100 of an item of property, plant and equipment. How we can account the difference $5 of the carrying amount $95 of the asset at that date with its deemed cost $100? Is it [...]

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Latest IAS 39 treatment on forward contracts

Hello to all IFRS expert, I would like to clarify the IAS 39 accounting entries for a forward contract. My company currently open LC for purchase of machinery from japan for our trading business on 11 March 2010. Due to forex volatility, we entered int...

Save 15% on IASeminars courses as IFRS List member

We are pleased to announce that as IFRS List member you can now SAVE 15% on total order for any public seminars booked through IASeminars website. In order to benefit from this offer, please remember to use the IFRSList promotional code (“LIST15 ...

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IAS PLUS Updates – IFRS Closing Out 2009

Dear all I suggest you an useful newsletter published by Deloitte ( that provides a high level overview of new and revised Standards and Interpretations that are effective for December 2009 and later accounting periods. Have a good joining. Simone Salvi

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