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Consolidation adjustments

Dear Members Please advice, how to give effect of consolidation adjustments of the previous year into the current year. how do i give effect of goodwill and minority interest which was passed in the previous year in the current year. your early respon...

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By: Valuable Internet Information » IFRS training in Pune | IFRSLIST.COM – The online community about …

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IFRS training in Pune

Dear All, There is a training on IFRS in Pune (India) on October 9 and 10, 2009 at the Pride Hotel. The training would cover the following topics in details: 1) IFRS overview : Providing a complete detail of What is IFRS, IAS, India’s process and ...

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Interest Free Loan to an Employee

Dear All, Would you please help me with IFRS accounting treatment for the below; A company  gives interest free loan to an employee which is to be repaid in equal annual installments in 10 yrs time. now company wants to classify this as Held To Maturity. can they do it and if yes, what would be [...]

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I am currently involved in the conversion from Canadian GAAP to IFRS. Are there any extra disclosures that need to be added to the MD&A to be IFRS compliant? Or are the increased disclosures in the notes to the financials sufficient?

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Financial Instruments under IFRS

Dear Sir or Madam Can you tell me what will be include in the Financial Instruments? and second think i am doing research on the discloser of IFRS by the companies and i am not understanding what would i see in the annual reports of the companies for s...

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IAS -16 construction of hotel building on leased land

Company A Parent company Own land and lease out to a company B a subsidiary. Company A will construct hotel for B. Construction cost will be debited to fixed assets. Company B has entered into an agreement with Company C for hotel operation. Land leased will be an operating lease for both A and B Hotel [...]

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Conversion of foreign currency expenses with local currency

Dear I am in a financial organization. Our company pays some expenses (e.g. salary, fees) with foreign currency. In every month we prepare P/L account with local currency. We also perform currency exchange and change our sale/bye rate according to central bank and also booked exchange gain/loss determining mid rate. So, in which rate we [...]

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Accounting Carbon Trading – Carbon Emission Reductions

Hi Does any one have any write up for accounting for carbon trading or contracts for Carbon emmission reductions. Niranjan

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