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IFRS Seminar in Mumbai


Purchase shareholding in joint venture from a joint venture

Hi all My company has a 50% shareholding in a joint venture company, A. A has a wholly owned subsidiary (B) and is going to transfer its interest in this subsidiary to its shareholders (i.e. 50% to my company and 50% to the other joint venturer). How shall my company account for such purchase of [...]

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Revised useful life of Assets

Dear all If the life of an Asset is revised. Should we give effect retrospectively or prospectively. Please give refernce from IFRS/IAS. and is it mandotary to revise the whole class of assets life. e.g if one truck is working in desert /rough areas an...

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IFRS for Small and Medium Sized Entities (SMEs)

Dear All this is just to inform you that the IASB issued today an International Financial Reporting Standard (IFRS) designed for use by small and medium-sized entities (SMEs). You can download all the related documents - Standards - Basis of Conclusions - Illustrative Financial Statements Presentation and Disclosure Checklist here (you need to register at [...]

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