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Administrative expenditure before the commencement of business

4 February 2009 2,583 views 2 Comments

Could any body tell me that as per the IFRS what will be treatment of the administrative expenditure (revenue expenditure) before the commencement of business, Will it be treated as revenue expenditure and come in P&L A/c or it will come under the definition of capital expenditure bcoz we have expensed it before the commence ment of busineess?

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  • cmanishiyer said:

    P & L A/c that is Income Statement or Statement of Comprehensive Income as part of profit or loss

  • asadlarik3 said:

    what about the incorporation expenses these are expenditures before the setup of Company what is its treatment?

    and what will be relevance of answer to this question and that to the original question with the IAS`s.

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