I’m a CPA from the US. Is the ACCA something I should join? I’m a
member of the IMA and the AICPA in the US. Is ACCA some kind of
upstart or does anyone find it to add value to their careers and is it
recognized by global employers?
Thanks for the opinions, mostly just curious here.

Dear Justin,

ACCA is a British qualification mostly recognisted by European based
mutlinational corporations, British in particular. Please also consider
CIMA which is also Brtish qualification with more focus on management
accounting (controlling). With both qualifications you can take IFRS

Please visit www.accaglobal.com or www.cimaglobal.com respecitvely
for details.


Hello David,
ACCA is an international Body. With the ongoing effort to
internationalize accounting stardards, I would suggest that you join
international bodies like the ACCA. For more details visit there website
www.accaglobal.com of email: infor@accaglobal.com


Dear David Cook

If you have CPA in USA, there is no need to have ACCA, since AICPA and
ACCA are professional accountancy body in the market.

Thanks and regards


Hi David,

ACCA is the world’s largest accountancy body, started over 100 years
ago and with over 100,000 members I believe (including myself). You
need to take a number of exams in order to join which maybe not
justifiable given that you are CPA already. I recommend taking ACCA’s
Diploma in IFRS, which is one exam aimed to bring you on board with


David / Simon,

Even if you are a CPA in the US, it would be worthwhile to take
atleast Certification if you want to get ahead in IFRS. Although,
AICPA has not come out with any training material but they do mention
that CPAs in the US would eventually have to prepare themselves. Below
is an extract from their website –

“For the CPA profession, the use of IFRS by U.S. publicly held
companies will create the need for effective training and education.
Companies will use IFRS only if they and their auditors have been
thoroughly trained, and if their investors and other users of their
financial statements — such as analysts and rating agencies —
understand IFRS as well. At the moment, most accountants in the
United States are trained in U.S. GAAP, not IFRS. Most specialists,
such as actuaries and valuation experts, who are engaged by management
to assist in measuring certain assets and liabilities also are not
taught IFRS. Consequently, all parties will need to undertake
comprehensive training. Professional associations and industry groups
will need to integrate IFRS into their training materials,
publications, testing and certification programs. Colleges and
universities will need to include IFRS in their curricula. If IFRS is
accepted—and many think this is
inevitable—as GAAP in the United States, it will be included in the
Uniform CPA Examination.

The bottom line is that CPAs need to begin to prepare for the day in
the not-so-distant future when the SEC could designate a date for
voluntary, or even mandatory, adoption of IFRS by all U.S. public

I hope the above information would be beneficial for all CPAs in the US.


i think u should visit the ACCA website n go to the students
section…therein u can look into the exemptions that u get for ACCA
papers as a qualified CPA…
given that u r a member of IMA n AICPA u would need to sit 4 only a
few papers in order to become a member of ACCA…
try it
just adds on to ur profile…

2007 data relating to the body is as follows:

Number of students : 325,606
Number of members : 122,426

u may also find a few articles related to the ACCA n AICPA joint
venture prog which is in the pipeline…

cheers !!!


Dear Puneet

I am a fellow member of ACCA, assoicate member of ICAEW, I view one
professional qualification is sufficient however if you wish to have
ACCA title, this is only a label.

Thanks and regards


I agree with Aida. Dip IFRS would be the required examination
administered by ACCA every June and December for CPAs in US.
Certification in IFRS also administered by ACCA would give you an
immediate lead into IFRS. Professionals who do not want to venture
into IFRS immediately would do good if they register and give the


Adding to the comments on IFRS courses/certification – I understand the US
AICPA’s are/have recently added IFRS courses to USGAAP courses that they
have available. Just to clarify, I do not mean a ‘IFRS’ CPA qualification
in itself, but IFRS modules for those already qualified as CPAs. I suggest
you look at their website to get the exact details.

In relation to ACCA, my understanding is that they offer a qualification
that provides international recognition and, without any intention of
minimising the qualification, I believe this has been particularly
beneficial for accountants in countries who do not have a well developed CPA
or Chartered Accountant qualifications/programmes, (or other accounting
qualifications where they perhaps currently do not have reciprocity with say
US AICPA, Australia/Wales ICCA etc)


Hi all,

Thanks for all the information on these courses. I have joined a
mutinational bank couple of years back handling the IFRS reporting. I
have working knowledge in IFRS but have not been very confident in
this subject as I have not gone through any course (though i have
attended various training).

I have browsed through the ACCA site and their courses in IFRS. I
just need a few clarifications if someone can provide me.

1. I am CA from India, so is it advisable and beneficial for me to
take one of these courses in IFRS?
2. Which one is more beneficiary, ACCA or ICAEW. (Also which one is
more cost effective)?
3. ACCA provides diploma (written exam) as well as certificate (online
exam) in IFRS, which one is more recognised and comprehensive?
4. The terms of ACCA Diploma are that with initial registration fee
one can give exams at the first or second available exam session
following registration. So if i join before 15th Oct (which is the
latest date for regn for Dec 08 exam), then can I sit for Jun 09 exam
at my option or do i have to compulsorily sit for Dec 08 exam.
5. The study materials costs GBP 275 for paper version (including
postage) and GBP 200 for electronic, which one is better?


Hi All,

Both are unique in their own respect. Certification gives you an
instant marketability.

dear puneet … thanks

but from job market point of view do both have same creditabilty?


Hi everybody,
I also found this institution offering Diploma in IFRS. Does anybody
know how relevant it is and what’s the relationship with the
Thank you and regards,

I work for the Center for Professional Education and we are also
offering a 5 day bootcamp. Below is the link. If anyone is interested
in attending please let me know. I can arrange a discount for you as
well. Thanks.



Is this course been run only in the US as i am based in the UK and
would be interested in attending this.

Is there any such Boot camp for IFRS conducted in India!