Dear allPlease find attached a news from European Commission about IFRS.
In addition you’ll find a link to a pdf file related to consolidated
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Simone SalviAccounting standards: Commission adopts consolidated text of IFRS
applicable in the EUThe European Commission has adopted on Monday 3 November the
consolidated text of all International Financial Reporting Standards
(IFRS) in force in the European Union (EU). The consolidated version
puts together all IFRS endorsed to date, including the latest
amendments endorsed on 15.10.2008. It will enable stakeholders to
refer to only one single legal document. This is an important element
of the Commission simplification programme aimed at reducing the
administrative burden on EU businesses.Internal Market and Services Commissioner Charlie McCreevy said: “The
consolidated text will make a practical difference to IFRS users in
the EU, who can now refer to one single document in their own
language, and to EU businesses, whose administrative burdens will be
reduced. It is an important part of the Commission’s simplification
programme and an important practical step in making EU legislation
accessible to businesses and citizens.”The consolidated text, which is available in all official EU
languages, replaces 18 earlier Regulations. All IFRS endorsed from 29
September 2003 to 15 October 2008 are now published in this single
document. Furthermore, all cross-references have been updated. At the
same time the Commission has carried out a complete overhaul of all
linguistic versions which ensures their high quality and consistency
both with existing EU legislation and with the official texts of the
International Accounting Standards Board (IASB).The new Regulation repeals and replaces Regulation No. 1725/2003 of 29
September 2003 and all subsequent modifications up to 15 October 2008.
Member States unanimously supported its adoption. The consolidated
text is available at the following addresses here for pdf file in english