Dear All ,
I need to attend IFRS classes , Do you know if there is any classes available in Dubai ( Not training sessions ) what i need is  any institute or University or anything else , have IFRS / IAS classes with certificate ( i repeat Not training conferences , by the way they are soooooo expensive i need something acceptable) not 4000 euro per day ( as they do in training programs )}

Thanks for your help



You can certification in IFRS through

You can also look at the courses with examination styled certification from ICAEW through their website.


I took a training course, and the instructor recommended for Certificate & diplomas:
1. Association of Chartered Certified Accountants
on-line and open book; cost 100 pounds plus VAT; takes 20 hours of study; pass mark 50%; you get a certificate; diploma is also available but is tough
2. Institute of Chartered accountants in England and Wales
computer based but only in UK; takes 70 hours of study; pass mark 70%; diploma is also available
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Which one is easier then?


I am currently doing the Certification and I do not think it only requires 20 hours of studey as the website claims. But this must be true for professionals who have only worked in reporting financials all their working life. Rest of us who have had some reporting experience may require a detailed study lasting more than 20 hours. Anyhow, you get 3 attempts to pass and get the Certification but it is worth having it as it will really help your IFRS career.

Anyone out there working or available to do contract / consulting projects in US can contact me as well.


I was wondering if anyone received any traction in IFRS in the US. I’ve seen lots of international commentary, but not much on the US side. Is there a general consulting market out there in the states as of yet?


I am in Houston, Texas and we are discussing about IFRS consultation and how to get certified if someone wants to work in IFRS reporting. One can become Certified IFRS after giving an online exam. You can get further information by going to