Sirs and madam,
would like too seek help on how to disclose a share application monies?

Dear Jean
Very Simple
1. Authorised Capital —— ————-1,00,000
2. Issued & Subscribed —————- 1,00,000
3. Share Application Money due —— 20,000
Hence Issued Subscribed & Paid Up Capital(outer column) —-80,000.

Dayaniwas Sharma

Dear Jean

The first step would be to consider the substance of the transaction in relation to the definition of equity and liability under IAS 32. Presuming that we are talking about equity share capital, and that it is determined that this transaction is to be treated as equity, you may disclose it under a separate heading in the SOCE with a transfer to share capital net of transaction costs when the actual shares are issued.

In the interim, for period end reporting, consider this application money for anti-dilutive effect in computing the eps.

Dear sirs/madam:
Thank you very much!
jean marie