If an institution is recognizing income by using flat rate method, but IFRS requires to recognize by using effective rate method. My questions are:

a) policy remains but financial statements it should be based on effective rate. Is it?

b) How to convert portfolio by using effective rate.?




I don’t think so, see this link



Can anyone confirm if the PRC has officially transitioned to full IFRS GAAP reporting and if so, what was the effective date?  Are companies mandated to report in IFRS GAAP or can they still report in PRC GAAP up to a certain point?


Thanks for any clarification any of you can provide.


Also, if you have any resources you might refer me to, that would be great.








The easy way would be that the outcome using a flat rate does not materially differ from using the (IFRS correct) effective rate. Otherwise the accounting needs to either


          keep a separate ledger to account for income using an effective rate (for example a spreadsheet) and adjust it for financial statement purposes, or

          calculate the difference between flat rate and an effective (average) rate for a period (month, quarter or year, the shorter the more real) and adjust the income amount.


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Something you should also keep in mind is the impact of other items in the carrying amount and in the cash flows for the effective rate calculation. How is your income produced, from loans, leasings,etc? Do you charge fees? Do you pay commissions to third parties? All these items will have a direct impact on the calculations.