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I wanted complete set of IFRS Literature.If anyone of you have a  softcopy of it,then please forward it to me.Or else,if you have any idea about any site which provides the same,even that will help me.


You can check this website;   www.iasplus.com



Generally it is paid publication

But Deloitte has provided their e-Learning in IFRS for free…Pls try this site


As you know the IFRS standards text is copy right protected and all the literatures are available at www.iasplus.com and you may download but not distribute, copy or edit or use for any presentation.Alternatively you may go to www.accountingreform.ru and download the workbooks for all IFRS.


For those of us who are India-based, it might be better to wait for the ICAI e-learning course to become operative. Mr Antonysamy, I could not find it in the CPE section and am looking forward to seeing it soon!

The workbooks on the accountingreform.ru website are good but they would only work if the individual already has some idea of the standards. The iasplus material is somewhat out of date already.

Thanks,u seem to be from india?


But how do you write a study book on IFRS without repeating things from the Standards?

Does anybody know how this works with copyright etc?

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There is a link given below…see if it serve ur purpose http://www.ccdg.gov.sg/frs/index.htm

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Thanks a lot for giving such a valuable information.  It will benefit all of us to a large extent.
Thanks a million.