Henk willl provide the answer
Henk can you re-explain the whole story again i.e.
1. You mention we still have to use IAS until IFRS is more official, please restate the IAS link
2. Please re-state the IFRS link (is the one you sent for instance re FRS 38 in the other E-Mail)
3. Finally please send a link for the US GAAP/FASB, I want to have my library as opposed to relying on the PDF documents which outline differences between US GAAP, IFRS and local GAAP

Hello all,

I was wondering what the best ways of getting a copy of IFRS would be?

And what the cheapest or any free ways of getting a copy are? (Electronic is fine)


Specifically those relating to getting a company ready for an IPO.








 Use this link to see the FRS adopted in Singapore, they are an exact copy of IAs and IFRS.

Jorge what I ment is:

1.IFRS are the new standards under the ‘new’ body, see wikipedia.org, in English, search word IFRS. They decided to start with new standards, called IFRS, but as long as an IAS standard has not been replaced by an IFRS it remains applicable under the application of IFRSs. See for example on the website above the development of IAS 32 – Financial Instruments Disclosure and Presentation, which as a result of the introduction of IFRS 7 Financial Instruments – Disclosure it deleted all the paragraphs relating to ‘Disclosure’ and now is IAS 32 Financial Intruments – Presentation.

2.  the link is given above,

3. I have a comparison somewhere but have to look for it, will follow tomorrow.