Please tell me the number and subjects of international accounting and audit standards boards
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Hi,It is IAS19, pension liability for defined benefit plans.

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Could some one mail me  IAS18 ,IAS 11 and IAS 19.


Use this link

would you plz confirm that these standard are implemented internationally or released by singapore govt in compliance with singapore SEC rules.
i ve surfed the sites of renowned audit/consultancy firms i.e KPMG, PWC & some of the others who have promulgated some, but not all, of IFRS/IAS in PDF with detailed commentary, practical guide & Q&A’s.


These are the HK version of IFRS, in every FRS it says that when you comply with FRS issued by the Singapore Authority you also 100% comply with IFRS. I have not seen deviations from IFRS, it is only that they wanted to have a local version and consequently they left the word International away. See about us on the site.


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Welcome to the ASC website

The mandate of the ASC is to develop, review, amend and approve accounting standards for entities that are under its purview, taking into account:

a. The information needs of the stakeholders of the entities;
b. Facilitation of comparability, disclosure and transparency;
c. Compatibility with relevant international standards; and
d. Singapore‘s reputation as a trusted international business and financial hub.

While the ASC will track closely the introduction of new International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) for possible application in Singapore, it will also take into account the local economic and business circumstances and context, as well as the entity to which the accounting standards would apply to.

The Chairman and members of the ASC are appointed by the Minister for Finance, and the Council’s composition comprises representatives from stakeholder groups such as the accounting profession, the users and preparers of financial information, academia and the Government.

Although the ASC is taking over from the CCDG, previous accounting standards, interpretations, practice directions and other directives issued by the CCDG would still remain valid and in force, as provided under Section 8(4) of the Accounting Standards Act, unless otherwise stated.


Hello, i am looking the complete soluation of IAS-12


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plz consult following reference books
Donald kieso, IAS/IFRS work book by Mirza & acca paper 3.6 book.
it has been elaborated with short & pretty illustrations….

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I am knew to IFRS. Please guide me what are the documents / Disclosures to be prepared for making financials as per IFRS from IGAAP accounting.
Is there any ready template for converting IGAAP into IFRS.
I need the above information for real estate industry.



Most of the disclosures needed for IAS-12 are listed here: .  Contact me at for more info.