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My client which is in the construction industry has been receiving assets in exchange for construction revenue. The Standards say

IAS 18

When goods are sold or services are rendered in exchange for dissimilar goods or services, the exchange is regarded as a transaction which generates revenue.  The revenue is measured at the fair value of the goods or services received, adjusted by the amount of any cash or cash equivalents transferred.  

IAS 16

In an exchange transaction the cost of assets acquired should be measured at the fair value of the items given up. {Assuming that we can measure the fair value of items given up and the transaction does not lack commercial substance}. 

Suppose the fair value of the items given up {the construction services rendered} amounts to $100 and the fair value of the asset received amounts to $150. What are the entries that we will post in the ledger to recognise the revenue and the asset aquired.


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In this case u need to adopt the fair value of construction revenue or the received Assets which ever u can easily and accurately measure the fair value. If u r able to measure both the assets then follow simple average of the two assets.

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