Hi Antonello

I hope you can answer some of my questions related to IFRS – inventory write-down.


Inventory unit cost was $ 15.00 purchase price

Sales price for $35.00 per unit

Total unit at year-end – on hand quantity 1000 units

Forecast 100% stocks classified as non-salesable.

Reserve set up at the end of year was $ 15,000.00

Third party disposition for 1000 units – sales price drop to $10.00 per unit – $10,000.00

What is the accounting treatment for the above transaction under IFRS?

Your input is much appreciated.



A loan can be classified as available for sale in accordance with IAS 39.

A typical example is a syndicated loan where the arranger intends to sell part of (or the full ) amount lent to other counterparties. 

The loan shall be accounted for at fair value less any impairment loss.




Hello all,

I think you should first reverse the impairment for 5000. And then recognise the sale for 10 000 together with the cost of sales of 10 000.