Dear All ,
Can anyone provide an internal audit software name
what’s the best software that i can buy for small internal audit dept


Audit Command Language (ACL)


Carlos IDEA is a good alternative to ACL though..

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Argon Hi, you could check out We offer both IDEA, which data
analysis software, as well as Working Paper software. One of both should
meet your demands.

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Jaap Well, for whoever is interested on Data analysis software for Audit purposes I would recommend Caseware-Idea V7 in my opinion Casweare-Idea is more efficient, advanced, easier to use and powerful than ACL (IDEA manages such things as automatization of definition entry files; Statistical data Analysis; Graphic database query interface;  very complicated calculations and complex-computed fields; Script-automated tests that ACL does not manage so well or not at all).If you are looking for Electronic workpapers I would suggest Caseware Working papers (fully compatible with IDEA).

Rafael You can try Teammate. It can be used for risk assessment, scheduling audit, documenting work paper and reviewing thereon, generating report etc.