Hey all , need some help in writing an internal audit report , i’m an internal auditor , i’m a very good in auditing and finalizing the working papers or create work papers and good in the business that i audit .but i face lot of difficulties
in wording an internal audit report , i did research and i know all the standards steps but always i find difficulties word and express my finding in a professional executive summary or detailed report ,  wish you got the point and someone can help (not in standard reports that we can find on-line) 10x.




I usually describe my observations in the following way:

C= Criteria (audit objective)

C = Condition (as is)

C = Cause (gap analysis)

E = Effect

Please read the article about smart reporting in the last issue of IIA\’s internal auditor magazine at www.theiia.org

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follow these steps

havecolumns of observation, Impact level, Impact,Recommdations,auditee comments