Hello everyone!
I probably will sound funny by writing such a things here, but I’d like to get a try:
I receive all your e-mails and as a beginner in Accounting/Financial field I am trying to understand the questions you guys ask each other. It is very interesting and educational!
My current goal is to gain more experience in Accounting/Finance field. I¡¯d really appreciate professionals out their to become one of my instructor – coach. I’d love to do research or/and some projects for you or/and company that you are working for in order to learn aspects of the field. I can be helpfull as well if your company does any business in Russia , or /and planning to provide financial services their, which is trying to adapt IFRS standarts (but majority people or/and employees out their do not speak English). I currently live in California state.
In my understanding currently in the USA there are no universities that explain accounting principals base on IFRS standards (only big four do it). (If you know such as universities please let me know? or /and online courses) That’s why in my understanding to get such as knowledge is possible only through the experience or/and internships.
Thank you ahead for your assistance!

Adil, question for you – do you currently have an audit report in accordance with IFRS, or is this a first time adoption of IFRS?


Hi all,

I have to update our Group accounting manual. The latest update was done in November 2006.
My goal is to make sure that our group accounting policies are conducted in respect of IFRS.
I have to update our policies and to implement new policies in accordance to the new rules implemented since then.
Can you lease advice on the best way to tackle this task? I will be very thankful for any guidance, templates, links or suggestions.
Best regards