I’m looking for the meaning of the acronym EPF, the context is auditing. Could “error propagation factor” be correct?

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Acronym Definition
EPF Earth Preservation Fund
EPF Eclipse Process Framework (Java open source framework)
EPF Ecole Polytechnique Federal (Federal Polytechnical School, Switzerland)
EPF Educational Publishing Foundation
EPF Emergency Plant Facilities
EPF Employee Performance File
EPF Employees Provident Fund (Malaysia)
EPF Employment Policy Foundation
EPF Engineering, Procurement and Fabrication
EPF Ensuring Positive Futures (UK)
EPF Environmental Planning Function
EPF Epidemiological Flight
EPF Eritrean Public Forum (Eritrea)
EPF Error Propagation Factor
EPF Established Programs Financing (Canada)
EPF Estates Project Force (Church of Scientology)
EPF Europäische Psychoanalytische Föderation (European Psycho-Analytical Federation)
EPF European Panel Federation
EPF European Patients’ Forum
EPF European Powerlifting Federation
EPF European Psycho-Analytical Federation
EPF Exploitation Product Data File
Maybe something would fit?


The acronym EPF stands for “Environmental Protection Fund” to stimulate investment in the environmental sector in Egypt to support the environmental, social, and economic policies in the pursuit of sustainable development.Regards


EPF=Employees Provident Fund

EPF = Expanded Problem Focused

It depended on the context.